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Looking for Something New? Let Our Windsor Hair Salon Handle Your Next Haircut!

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Are you looking to get the latest trendy haircut and design in Windsor? Would you like to try something and update your look for the season with a new hairdo? At Beautiful Images Hair, Aesthetics & Nail Spa, you’ll find the most up-to-date colours and salon-style hair designs in Windsor. We’re always one step ahead of the current trends and can give you the best look for your style and personality. We offer a variety of hair care services that include

Trendy Haircut in Windsor



  Colour correction

Complete your new and fabulous look with makeup and lash tinting services from us at Beautiful Images Hair, Aesthetics & Nail Spa in Windsor.

Hair Design & Styles in Windsor

We use Schwarzkopf and Oligo hair colour lines and Pai-shau treatment lines.


For any questions or to schedule an appointment for a new hair design in Windsor, contact Beautiful Images Hair, Aesthetics & Nail Spa!

Trial appointments are available before the wedding day and will be priced separately.

Technical Services

All our technical services include a wash and style featuring products and treatments by Schwarzkopf and Oligo.

Additional cost for haircuts with technical service:

Other Hair Colour Services

If you would like to colour and disguise white hair or enhance your look with highlights and hair colour, we offer professional services using the best products in the industry.


The Royal brand provides high-quality performance with 100% reliable results – even with challenging conditions. It can cover up to 100% of white hair, providing ultimate colour retention. Igora Royal equalizes the colour evenly and maximizes contrast and shine.

Features of this colour product include

- True-to-tuft colour results to get your desired application.

- Reliable, even, and luminous colour.

- Ultimate colour retention.

- Vast portfolio of colours and finishes.

Tone-on-Tone Colouration

Igora Vibrance’s tone-on-tone colouration evolves with a minimized regrowth effect. Thanks to its ammonia-free, multi-layer technology, it offers a fresh and intense colour with over 70% shine.

Features of this colouration include
- A 10-minute processing time
- 100% white hair coverage
- Long-lasting colour
- Even colour results
- Long-lasting shine

Enjoy up to 4 levels in the lift in under 10 minutes with Igora Colour 10 Speedlift+.

Hair Extensions

If you’re looking for a quick hair extension service, call us now! We offer quick and affordable Tape-In extensions by Babe products.


At Beautiful Images Hair, Aesthetics & Nail Spa, we can install Tape-Ins in as little as 45 minutes. These extensions are safe and secure with no risk of damage to your natural hair. Tape-ins use medical-grade adhesives designed just for hair. No heat or beads are required! These 100% human Remy hair extensions are not only beautiful but comfortable. Tape-ins last for about 3 to 6 months. If you wish to remove your Tape-Ins, the Tape-In Bond Remover easily releases the bond.

Hair Treatments

Featuring Liquid Keratin™, Hyloren Hyaluronic Acid Complex Treatment, and Diamond Botox Hair Repair Therapy, our hair smoothing treatments can help tame, manage, and remedy frizzy and dry hair.

Liquid Keratin™

For those with curly, frizzy, and unmanageable hair, Liquid Keratin might be the perfect solution to get healthy, sleek, and shiny hair of your dreams. This revolutionary treatment infuses keratin protein right into your hair. Just a single application gives you 30 days of wonderful, nourished hair. Unlike other products, Liquid Keratin contains no formaldehyde or harmful chemical ingredients. You get longer, softer, shinier hair without any risk of damage.

Thanks to Liquid Keratin’s versatility, you can wear your hair with soft curls, waves, or straight without the mess of frizz or expensive, lengthy salon visits.

** For all of our services, the length of time required and quantity of products used for hair treatments account for variance in price. Free consultations help determine the exact cost for your specific needs.

Diamond Botox Hair Repair Therapy

Diamond Botox Hair Repair Therapy gives your hair a botox effect treatment with a maximum plumping, volumizing, and reinforcing action. This treatment will leave your hair with extreme brightness and silkiness. It can restore your hair’s natural beauty thanks to the precious synergy between the substances of natural origin derived from its meadowfoam.

This is an add-on service to a haircut, and pricing is available upon consultation.

Benefits of Getting Regular Haircut

Experience the transformative benefits of a haircut in Windsor at Beautiful Images Hair, Aesthetics & Nail Spa. Our expert stylists not only craft trendy styles but also contribute to the overall health of your hair.

  • Promotes hair growth: Regular haircuts stimulate blood flow to the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth and preventing split ends.

  • Keeps hair healthy: Trimming eliminates damaged ends, preventing further issues and keeping your hair vibrant and healthy.

  • Makes hair easier to manage: A well-maintained haircut ensures easier styling, saving you time and effort in your daily hair routine.

  • Reduces hair breakage: Regular trims minimize breakage, preventing hair from becoming brittle and prone to damage.

  • Improves hair texture: Removing dead ends and excess weight through a haircut enhances the overall texture, giving your hair a smoother and more polished appearance.

Tips for Maintaining Your New Haircut 

Here are some tips for maintaining your new haircut.

  • Invest in quality hair styling products:
    Enhance and maintain your haircut in Windsor with premium styling products from Beautiful Images Hair, Aesthetics & Nail Spa. Select products that suit your hair type for optimal results.

  • Use a gentle hairbrush or comb:
    Protect your new haircut using a soft-bristle brush or wide-toothed comb. This prevents unnecessary breakage and maintains the integrity of your hairstyle.

  • Be gentle when washing hair:
    While washing your hair, use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Gently massage the scalp, and avoid excessive rubbing to preserve your haircut's shape and texture.

  • Avoid excessive heat styling:
    Minimize the use of heat styling tools to prevent damage to your hair. When styling is necessary, apply a heat protectant to maintain the health and vibrancy of your Windsor haircut.

  • Get regular trims:
    Visit Beautiful Images Hair, Aesthetics & Nail Spa for consistent trims to keep your haircut looking fresh. Regular trims prevent split ends and maintain the desired length and shape.

For inquiries, advice, or to book your next Windsor haircut at Beautiful Images Hair, Aesthetics & Nail Spa, contact us today!

Book a Hair Design Appointment in Windsor

For salon-style hair design in Windsor, the expert beauticians at Beautiful Images Hair, Aesthetics & Nail Spa can help!

Great Experience

 Love my new hair! My extensions looks so natural and I've received so many compliments! Great atmosphere and staff! The manis and pedis are so relaxing and a great experience! Will definitely be back! 

Alessia G.

Long Hair

Formaldehyde-free and dermatologically tested Hyloren’s Hyaluronic Acid Complex is designed to give you a healthy and effective hair straightening. Formulated with amino acids and powerful polymer hyaluronic acid, it restores and builds the external hair fibre and creates a strong inner layer. This treatment can help preserve the natural nutrients of the hair fibre over time. It is a great solution if you’d like to improve and heal damaged, dry, or frizzy hair. 

It has been tested and confirmed to be 100% safe to use by leading research labs. The unique formulation penetrates the hair fibre and changes the structure of bonds within the hair - from curly to frizzy to a uniform bond structure with no visible volume.

Your hair will be frizz-free, silkier, and softer, and you’ll enjoy added shine and manageability. Please call us for more information, like pricing and duration of the process, and to book your appointment at our clinic in Windsor.

Hyloren Hair Straightening System

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